Stephen Cochrane

Stephen A. Cochrane

Stephen Cochrane graduated with an MSci in Chemistry from Queen's University Belfast in 2010. He then moved to the University of Alberta in Canada to undertake a PhD in organic chemistry with Professor John Vederas. His research focused on structural and mechanistic studies on antimicrobial lipopeptides, namely the tridecaptins, which show strong activity against multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria. In 2016 he was awarded a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship to study the transport of lipid-linked carbohydrates across bacterial cell membranes at the University of Oxford with Professor Benjamin Davis. During this time he also worked on the synthesis of new tunicamycin analogues with reduced cytotoxicity. In 2017 Stephen was appointed as a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at Queen's University Belfast. Outside of work Stephen is kept busy by his family and loves long-distance running, reading epic sci-fi and fantasy series, triple IPAs, single malt whiskey and the odd video game. Curriculum Vitae

Education and Employment History

Jan 2019 – present: Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Queen’s University Belfast 
April 2017 – Dec 2018: Probationary Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Queen’s University Belfast
Feb 2016 – March 2017: Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford
Sept 2010 – Dec 2015: PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of Alberta
Sept 2006 – June 2010: MSci in Chemistry, Queens University Belfast