Welcome to the Cochrane Lab!

Dr. Stephen Cochrane is a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at Queen's University Belfast, where he also leads a chemical biology research group. The Cochrane lab use the tools of organic synthesis, genetic engineering and molecular biology to study the chemistry and biology of natural products. Our current research interests include developing new synthetic methods to access antimicrobial and anticancer peptides. This allows us to determine their bioactivity and how they exert their therapeutic effect. We also study glycolipid flippases. These are an interesting class of enzymes that transport amphiphilic molecules across cell membranes and as several are unique to bacteria, they could be excellent antibiotic targets.

For enquires about research positions available in the Cochrane lab, please contact Dr. Stephen Cochrane by email (s.cochrane@qub.ac.uk). This includes PhD studentships, postdoctoral positions, Level 4 undergraduate research projects and short-term placements.