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Welcome to the Cochrane Lab!

Photo from Summer 2021: Front - The Bossman; Row 1 (L - R) - Fatimah Alao (MSc student), Varada Mana (MSc student), John Deering (visiting PhD student), Dr Rachel Cochrane (postdoc); Row 2 (L - R) - Jasmine Ross (summer student), Brad Baker (PhD student), Lorcan Rooney (summer student), Katy Aston (summer student); Row 3 (L - R) - Dr Ross Ballantine (postdoc), Samantha Bann (PhD student), Eilidh Matheson (PhD student).


We are a Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology research group at Queen's University Belfast. We use the tools of organic synthesis and molecular biology to develop new antimicrobial compounds and create novel chemical probes to assay new antibiotic targets. Our current research interests includes the synthesis of novel antimicrobial peptides. This allows us to determine their bioactivity and how they exert their therapeutic effect. We also develop novel chemical probes to study how glycolipid-targetting antibiotics work, and the mechanism by which enzymes process these essential glycopolymer building blocks.


For enquires about research positions available in the Cochrane lab, please contact Dr. Stephen Cochrane by email ( This includes PhD studentships, postdoctoral positions, Level 4 undergraduate research projects and short-term placements.






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